Hotel nikko kanazawa,
the closest place to the sky
of the city of Kanazawa.

Hotel nikko kanazawa agrees to the SDGs plan by the United Nations.
Through hotel business we will take approach to environmental and social problems.

To the Earth

Environment friendly check sheet

To reduce carbon dioxide and energy used for cleaning, we have placed an environment friendly check sheet asking guests whether linen and towels must be changed.

Reduction of plastic

We use refillable shampoo and body soap bottles. Amenities and straws are made of recycled plastic or biomass products.

Facility lighting

We have changed 90% of the hotels lighting to LED and succeeded to reduce a large amount power and carbon dioxide.

Reduction of food waste

The lobby lounge Fountain does a discount sale to reduce food waste.


To reduce the use of paper we use an online network in our offices.

Water conservation

To conserve water, we have replaced faucets to automated faucets.

To the Community

Partnership with makers

Restaurant chefs keep in touch with farmers and makers to get carefully selected ingredients.

Local food production and consumption

Restaurants use locally produced ingredients.

Education program

We send our staff to companies and schools to teach hospitality and manners. We also accept trainees and intern from local schools.

Food Safety

Food allergy and dietary restrictions

Restaurant chefs respond flexibly to guests with food allergy and dietary restrictions.

Safe food security

Approach to HACCP

Conducting emergency drills

Good Work

Honorable recognition

Hotel nikko kanazawa honor employees for long services and awards employees for their good achievements.

Active employment of foreign employees

Child care and family care leave

Reduction of working hours for childcare

Harassment consultation desk

Equal pay for equal work